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Security Certificate Installation in Firefox

Firefox has its own certificate management system, separate from the operating system's certificate store. To ensure Firefox works correctly when filtered, configure it to use the builtin store of the operating system.

Windows and macOS Devices

  1. Ensure that you've already installed the certificate for your device's operating system.
  2. Lauch Firefix and type "about:config" in the address bar and hit "enter". Confirm warrant warning page if it displays.
  3. Type security.enterprise_roots.enabled in the "Search preference name" field and hit "enter".
  4. Doubleclick the security.enterprise_roots.enabled setting that appears, to toggle the value to True.

Android Devices

  1. Firefox for Android does not support custom CA certs at this time.

iOS Devices

  1. Ensure that you've already followed the iOS steps here.
  2. Firefox for iOS uses the default iOS certificate store; no Firefox installation is necessary.